Zoe Temmerman

Zoe Temmerman is entrepreneurial and street smart.  Her drive to exceed clients’ expectations is what pushes her to the next level of recruiting.  In fact, in her first recruiting job in Melbourne, Australia, she rode around in a dump truck wearing her signature heels and suit so she could “get in the head” of the driver and ended up filling 11 apparently unfillable positions – at lightning speed.  She is a rainmaker who loves what she does and has fun at work – she truly believes that when you have passion for what you do, success is not far behind. When Zoe decided to start Avalon Executive Search with her partners she fulfilled her dream of being a business owner.

Zoe is married to her childhood sweetheart (they met when she was 15 years old).  She spends her spare time working off her chocolate habit at the gym and renovating her soon-to-be gorgeous barn conversion home.  She is an avid follower of fashion and loves Pinterest.  After a big placement she always treats her herself to new shoes that she names after the candidate.

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