Jodie Temmerman

Jodie Temmerman recruits with her heart and intuition. Before diving into the world of recruiting, she worked for a new home construction company. At the age 19, she worked as a Sales Negotiator and won an award in her first 6 months for best practices. Enjoying the thrill of the sale and passion for working with people she found recruitment and worked for an international recruitment firm where she ran her own recruiting desk within the education industry.

Before Jodie started consulting with the Avalon team she travelled with her boyfriend (who is also a recruiter) for six months to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.  They both have a passion for travel. They now live in a beautiful seaside apartment, but they are still plotting their next adventure. In her spare time she loves to explore castles and have picnics at the beach. She has a big family who is very close, and a great group of friends to drink cocktails with! Jodie always finds time for a bit of meditation.  It is the perfect balance to her fast paced recruiting days.

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