We love candidates! We can’t do our job without you. Whether you’re an Actuary, VP of Sales, Case Manager, or Medical Director we’re always looking for our next superstar. So what distinguishes us from the scores of other recruiting firms? Our responsiveness! We return phone calls. We reply to emails. We listen. Most importantly, we steer you to opportunities that meet not only the client’s needs, but fulfill your career aspirations.


What industry do you recruit for?
90% of our clients are Health Insurance Plans. Most of our positions are Management level and above. If the role falls under the Managed Care umbrella, we recruit for it.
What types of positions do you recruit for?
Common Position Titles Include:

Account Management
Appeals & Grievances
Case Managers
Government Programs
Medical Director
Medical Economics
Medicare Operations
Network Development
Product Development
Program Management
Project Management
Provider Relations
Quality Management
Revenue Optimization
Risk Adjustment
Utilization Management
Will your services cost me anything?
No, our fees are paid by the hiring employer. You should never pay a fee to work with a recruiting company.
I just applied for a job through your organization. What are the next steps?
We will review your application and resume and contact you if you meet the job’s selection criteria.
I’m an exact fit for your posted job. What’s the process?
Please apply through our Jobs Page. We will review your resume and if your background fits we will contact you for more information. After our conversation we will ensure your information lands on the hiring manager’s desk. We will work with you throughout the process to schedule interviews and will be your advocate the entire way. Our goal is to help you easily navigate the hiring process.
Why should I work with a recruiter vs. applying directly to the company?
When working with Avalon, you will bypass some of the lengthy processes, online applications, initial screenings and the dreaded online database ‘black hole’. We can make you stand out amongst the crowd and get your resume directly on the hiring manager’s desk. As you know, you’re more than just your resume. With our connections, we can get on the phone with the hiring managers and talk with them about who you are and what you bring to the table. We can provide you with an inside scoop on the company and the job to help you prepare to ace the interview. We will also be your counsel throughout the interview and salary negotiation process.
On the Jobs page, what are the Other Industry Jobs that you are connected to?
Avalon has been selected to be part of a National network of top recruiters. This network is a free portal for our top talent to find roles outside of our exclusive Health Plan opportunities. Feel free to search through the National network and apply for any role you are excited about. The process will still be the same and you will still work directly with us. This feature is paid for by our organization and is an added bonus when working with Avalon!
What information can I provide to help better match my qualifications with an open role?
Please submit your resume along with any relocation areas you are open to considering and your general target salary range. If you’d like to take the time to fill in our basic questionnaire, CLICK HERE to download and email it to along with your resume. This information will help us better target your search efforts for current and future roles.
Will you help me look for a new role?
Not exactly. We are hired by our clients to find a match for their open job. We will keep you aware of our Health Plan industry opportunities through our Job Alerts newsletter and will also reach out to you by phone or email regarding new roles that may interest you. If you haven’t heard from us in awhile, feel free to email us at with your resume, contact information, location and salary updates to keep our information fresh and focused.
Will you write or edit my resume?
No, but CLICK HERE for some examples to help you along your way.
Do you have any interview hints and tips?
Yes! CLICK HERE for some great articles, tips and advice for acing your interview.
Can we connect on LinkedIn?
Yes! We love LinkedIn and use it daily. Send us all an invite: Amanda Willenberg, Zoe Temmerman, Aliceson Straley, Jodie Temmerman 
Will you ever send my information to a client without my permission?
No! We will never submit your information anywhere without your direct permission
What if I have a employment blemish on my record?
Whether you were fired from your last role, resigned in a huff or have a criminal offence on your record, we are here to help tell your story.  The more honest you are with us, the better we can navigate tricky waters and move beyond the incident.