Amanda Willenberg

Amanda Willenberg was in second grade when the teacher continued to notify her parents that she “talks too much to others”.  She had no idea that this would be a building block of her future career.  After earning a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Missouri and a Masters from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, Amanda fell into recruiting by accident and has never regretted it for a single day.  She loves recruiting because one of her biggest thrills in life is to help those around her reach their potential, and at its core that is what this job is all about.

When Amanda is not working, she is hanging out with her talented husband, fabulous son and vivacious daughter.  She loves to travel, dabbles in photography, and has an addiction to handbags.  She is also an avid reader and movie junkie.  In fact, one of her favorite movies is Finding Nemo.  It is the origin of her most beloved quote,  “Just Keep Swimming”!

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