Aliceson Straley

Aliceson Straley took a leap of faith to leave her career in Architecture and dive into recruitment.  She enjoys the challenge of building ideas, working creatively with clients, and searching for solutions to problems. Her love of the search leads her to seek the ideal candidate to help solve her client’s hiring challenges.  As a child, Aliceson always wanted to own her own business and was fortunate enough to meet great business partners to help turn her dream into a reality.  She hasn’t looked back since and loves her daily “down the rabbit hole” searches at Avalon.

Aliceson is passionate about work and play.  When not sourcing new exciting candidates, she loves taking on challenging home remodeling projects, flipping through her Houzz app for ideas, or envisioning her next great DIY art adventure.  She also enjoys travelling with her husband and children and has toured most of the USA and Europe.  She loves to kick back on tropical beaches and you can typically find her travelling to Los Angeles, New York or Portland, OR once a year to visit extended family.

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